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Minze in Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an inherited disease that causes areas of thick, red scaly skin Minze in Psoriasis "plaques". It is inherited in a complex manner called polygenic. It seems to involve an interaction between several different genes on different chromosomes.

The cause is still unknown. It is possible to inherit the genes for psoriasis but never actually get psoriasis. Minze in Psoriasis, there is a family history of psoriasis, but sometimes it will seem to skip generations. That is you can inherit psoriasis, but never break out.

And then your children may express psoriasis. The expression of Minze in Psoriasis is extremely variable. Most people don't have a whole lot of trouble with psoriasis.

Some people with psoriasis only get a few small spots of psoriasis in their whole read more. Sometimes it will affect only certain areas Minze in Psoriasis as the elbows or knees or fingernails or scalp. A few people get psoriasis from head Minze in Psoriasis toe and have a lot of click at this page with it.

Psoriasis is not an infection. You cannot give it to other people by touching them. You did not get it by touching someone else.

It is okay to swim in public pools without endangering your friends. If people ask you about it, just tell them that it is psoriasis. It is not contagious, and you are having it treated by a doctor. We do not know the cause link psoriasis and do not have a cure.

What I can do Minze in Psoriasis to help you control it. Generally, we can Minze in Psoriasis it up, but it will Minze in Psoriasis to come back. Most of the time, psoriasis is fairly easy to treat, but sometimes it is very hard to treat. The standard theory of the cause of psoriasis is that it is due a genetic defect Minze in Psoriasis causes Minze in Psoriasis skin to grow too fast. There is no doubt that the skin cells are growing faster than normal in Klettenwurzel für Psoriasis Bewertungen, but I think inflammation component may be more important.

To understand psoriasis better, let's take a look at the normal skin those areas that don't have an outbreak of psoriasis. This is where theskin cells start growing from. A basal cell divides into two cells. After a basal cell divides, one daughter cell go here upward, and the other remains in the basal cell layer to divide again in the near future.

The cells moving outward comprise most of the epidermis. As they reach the outside, they Minze in Psoriasis and form a protective outer layer of dead skin. Eventually Minze in Psoriasis layer is shed. It takes about a month for the cells to make this journey.

And the process is going on slowly all the time. Below the epidermis is a layer Minze in Psoriasis the dermis. Online-Apotheke Psoriasis dermis contains the blood vessels that supply oxygen and nutrition to the epidermis.

It also contains the nerves that supply feeling to the skin. The normal basal cell will divide about once every hours. In psoriasis, the basal cell Minze in Psoriasis about once every This means that in the areas of psoriasis, the skin is growing about 12 times faster than normal. It is growing so fast that the cells pile up on Minze in Psoriasis of each other making the skin thicker.

The Impfungen für Psoriasis Kindern skin layer forms so fast it does not have time to be shed. So, there may be a thick layer of scale. Small air bubbles get trapped inside the thick layer of dead skin giving it a silvery color.

In order to supply enough food for the rapid rate of growth of the skin, the wobei in Israel zur Behandlung von Psoriasis vessels dilate making the Psoriasis Propolis-Salbe für plaque red.

Blood vessels grow upward extending unusually close to the surface of the skin. The blood vessels are so close to the surface that picking away the scale causes a plaque to bleed a little.

Inflammation causes the plaques to become itchy. Minor injuries such a cuts, scrapes, and burns will often heal leaving a plaque of psoriasis. This induction of psoriasis by injury is called Koebnerization.

The skin of the elbows gets pinched hundreds of times a day when we lean on hard surfaces such table tops and arm rests of chairs. This tiny injury produced many times a day causes the elbows to be a common site of psoriasis. Minze in Psoriasis infections, most notably beta streptococcus, as Minze in Psoriasis strep throat, can lead to the formation of hundreds of tiny plaques Minze in Psoriasis over the body.

We think the bacteria actually get into Minze in Psoriasis skin and damage it thus inducing the small plaques. If you get this, it means that you need an antibiotic such as penicillin. Sometimes, if recurrent episodes Minze in Psoriasis guttate psoriasis are due to Strep throat, a tonsillectomy can help.

Psoriasis developing in a joint lining produces a peculiar form of joint disease called psoriatic arthritis. It greatly resembles rheumatoid arthritis but tends Minze in Psoriasis be less severe.

The Minze in Psoriasis factor lab test is negative. The CCP test can be positive, but that does not Minze in Psoriasis between the two. This Schuppenflechte, was Pillen helfen is by clinical impression and not by lab studies.

The use of systemic steroids such as cortisone, prednisone, Kenalog, Decadron, Medrol and so on will temporarily improve psoriasis. The problem is that sometimes, when they wear off, the psoriasis may come back many times worse. If possible, avoid using cortisone pills and deep muscular Minze in Psoriasis of cortisone for minor problems.

If you Minze in Psoriasis a serious problem requiring cortisone treatment, go ahead and have your doctor give it to you. I'll try to get you through the aftermath. When I say a serious problem, I am thinking of heart attack or overwhelming infection. Sometimes, I treat individual psoriatic plaques with injections of dilute Kenalog just localized to the skin plaques.

I take the standard Kenalog and dilute it down about 20 times. In this Minze in Psoriasis, I am using a very small amount of cortisone. This is usually a very effective treatment for very stubborn plaques.

The problem is that I can only treat small Minze in Psoriasis at a Minze in Psoriasis in this way. In the past, dermatologists thought psoriasis patients had a here risk of getting cancer. Beginning aroundnew studies appeared that concluded that people with psoriasis have an increased risk of internal cancers.

This is especially associated with alcohol, smoking, and obesity. The most effective treatment for psoriasis involves the use of topical cortisone creams and ointments. These medicines do several things. They decrease inflammation and itching. They slow down the rapid rate of cell division. They constrict the blood vessels so not as much blood can reach the rapidly dividing cells.

The thick outer layer of dead skin, Minze in Psoriasis scale, of the plaque is a barrier that prevents the medicine from penetrating to where it can go to work. Minze in Psoriasis great way to get around this problem is to wet the skin with a little water before rubbing in the medicine. Studies have shown that the water acts as a vehicle that carries the medicine in 10 times better.

If you will take the time to wet the Minze in Psoriasis before rubbing in the medicine, you will get more for your time and money. Water is much cheaper than cortisone creams. Sunlight is beneficial for psoriasis, especially a suntan.

Avoid getting a sunburn. Watch for getting skin cancer. In my Minze in Psoriasis, the cortisone medicine usually clears up the plaques. Sometimes a plaque won't quite go away. When the topical cortisone is stopped, the plaques pop right back.

I have found it helpful to use tar in this situation. Use the topical cortisone until the plaque is a flat von Nagelpsoriasis area. Then switch to tar. Sometimes I will combine the tar with the cortisone cream. Tar shampoos are especially helpful for scalp psoriasis. You can push the tar Minze in Psoriasis a little harder by applying the tar shampoo in the shower, putting on a shower cap or bathing hat, doing something else for an hour, and then washing off the tar shampoo.

Methotrexate has been around since It Minze in Psoriasis been used for psoriasis since around

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